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Looking for a home!


We are STILL looking for a foster placement or forever home for our sweet girl Molly.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Molly- I will give you a bit of background on her. Molly was picked up last July. She was suffering from food allergies, ear infections, urine infections, incontinence and itchy skin. This poor girl had everything going wrong for her. BHS changed her diet which improved her food allergies, itchy skin and helped her lose some weight. She was put on medications for her ear infections and urine infections and eventually got a surgery on her back end to prevent the urine infections from reoccurring which also resolved her incontinence.

Molly is doing much better in our care. She eats a high quality veterinary diet, gets daily ear drops and some oral medications. Molly has some issues with arthritis but seems to be doing well on her medications. Molly also has some troubles breathing occasionally which we are monitoring closely.

Molly is looking for a foster home with an indefinite end date or, ideally, an adoptive home. We would love to find Molly a permanent home where she can live and be cared for happily. Molly prefers a home without other dogs but is willing to coexist with another canine as long as she is given her space. We aren’t sure about her experience with cats but again we think she would coexist with a laid back mate. Molly is great with children and loves to be around people. She doesn’t need too much exercise because her arthritis slows her down but just enough to keep her trim figure.

If you are interested in adopting or foster Molly, please speak with an Adoption Counsellor for more information.