Date:March 01, 2018


Abby is a gorgeous 5 year old pup! 

This black labrador retriever is approximately 55lbs and is one high-energy girl! Abby LOVES to play and knows some basic tricks. She does have quite the voice and isn’t afraid to use it so an apartment life would not be ideal. Abby is looking for a home where she will get lots of attention and exercise. She doesn’t have much experience with children, cats or other dogs so a proper and safe introduction would be highly recommended. She does seem to get quite upset at other dogs in the shelter but has the potential to do better if properly introduced and socialized with positive reinforcement. We will soon be starting a training program with the help of a certified trainer to get her more used to other dogs.

Please note our dog adoption process:

If you are interested in adopting Abby please come to the shelter, fill out an adoption application and speak with an Adoption Counsellor. Our Adoption Counsellors will review all the submitted applications and continue the interview process with the most appropriate family(s) for her.

Please remember that we are trying to find the best home for the animals here at BHS. If you are not chosen for this particular adoption, it does not mean that you are an unsuitable owner but we can only choose one family per pet.  Also, please keep in mind that there are many other local shelters and rescues that have pets who are in need of a home as well. Please consider researching other local rescues and shelters in your area or visit to search through animals available for adoption all over North America.

Abby’s adoption fee is $300 and includes up-to-date vaccinations and deworming, a microchip, and 6 weeks of pet insurance with Pets+Us. Abby has been checked over by a veterinarian, spayed, heartworm tested negative and has no known health concerns.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call during business hours at 905-637-7325.

Thank you and rescue on!