Date:October 09, 2019

*Aspen & Astrid*

Meow and hello awesome humans! We are Astrid and Aspen and we cannot wait to move in with you. Are we moving too quickly? We tend to fall in love with humans quickly… you’re all so amazing! We are friendly girls who warm up to you after a few pets – we wanna hear all about your day. We are so grateful that we are not along, we have each other!  We are a bonded pair, this means we need to be adopted together. Aspen always keeps an eye on her daughter Astrid and gives her reassuring nuzzles. We are affectionate towards humans and love getting head pets. We are also very cuddly with each other and rely on each other for comfort. We would be best in a home with no other kitties as we want all of your attention and get jealous if you share it with other animals. Please come and meet us, you will find out just how super cute and awesome we are.