Date:May 18, 2017


Cheetoh is a young and friendly guy looking for a caring family.

He is available for adoption and requires a daily inexpensive medication which he will likely be on for life. Cheetoh is a young cat with a serious heart condition. He has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The HCM could progress quickly if it doesn’t respond to the medication. He is at higher risk for a shorter that normal lifespan. The atenolol (his daily medication), if it works, will control the HCM. He will need his next echocardiogram around June 2018 which will tell us more to how his heart is responding. The Atenolol costs approximately $0.18 per day + a dispensing fee which is usually about $20. The average client costs would be about $57 for 2.5 months of atenolol. We are currently feeding him Royal Canin Calm kibble to help with shelter related stress but he does not have to stay on this diet for life.

He gets easily stressed in new situations and would do best in a home where he doesn’t have to travel much. If you are interested in his adoption and would like to know more please come to the shelter, fill out an adoption application and speak with an Adoption Counsellor.