Date:December 01, 2019

*Hector and Hannah*

If you are looking for a soft as silk, very chill powder puff then Hector is your guy! His beautiful sweet face often looks worried but he is very quick to purr, loves attention and is quite relaxed. When he has had enough he finds a quiet spot, curls up and catnaps. He has very mild Cerabellar Hypoplasia. It’s almost not noticeable. Hector will be an ideal pet, the perfect mix of activity and relaxation. He is bonded with his sister Hannah, who is a sweet, cuddly, determined kitten too!  You will need to have the time and patience to spend setting up her environment. She will reward you with loudest purrs and nicest cuddles. Though she has definite mobility challenges she is able to move around and play actively very well. She definitely has been “one of the gang” with her siblings and tries, and usually succeeds, to keep up with them. She is the perfect companion for someone looking for a purring lap warmer. She also has Cerebellar Hypoplasia which affects her motor skills. It is not painful or progressive, and she is able to eat and use the litter box independently.
They would make a wonderful addition to a loving family!