Date:January 19, 2017



Twix is a female 2 year old German Shepherd mix dog. This beautiful girl is very loving and affectionate. She loves to play and cuddle!

Twix is easily excited and thus often pulls on her leash during walks. When she meets new people, she sometimes forgets her large size and jumps up when greeting people. This lovely girl is very intelligent and a great candidate for training, once distractions are removed.

Twix is looking for a home with a large yard or property as she loves to play and needs hours of exercise every day. She would thrive in family without other pets and where someone is able to stay with her throughout the day to work with her on her training for at least the first couple months.

If you think you can provide a loving and caring home for Twix and help her with her training, or would like to know more, please see her full profile by clicking here or call the shelter at (905)637-7325 and speak with one of our Adoption Counsellors.