Date:March 21, 2017



unnamed (4)Valentine came in a stray on February 2, 2016. She was very sweet and loving all the attention she was getting. After completing her veterinary care, we learned that she was heartworm positive.

Heartworm comes from mosquito bites in dogs. Once bitten from an infected mosquito, it takes about seven months for the larvae to mature into adult heartworms. They then lodge in the heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels and begin reproducing.

Valentine moved into a foster home shortly after coming into BHS care. Her foster family took great care of her and brought her to all of her medical appointments for 6 months while treating her heartworm disease. Valentine had a series of medications and appointments to keep up with to treat the heartworm. She retested in March of 2017 and is heartworm free (negative)!!!

Her loving foster home has renamed her JellyBean and officially adopted her! She has a few canine siblings and loves to go running.

Much of Valentines (JellyBeans) care was paid for by the Sally Fund. To help dogs like her, please donate here:

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