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Burlington Humane Society
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Featured Animals



Our 2023 Burlington Humane Calendar will feature a collage cover and final page featuring 170+ pets.  Lucky entrants will receive celebrity status as our featured monthly cover photos! There are limited spots available, so enter your pet today!


How to enter:

  • Submit your favourite photograph (1 high resolution horizontal/landscape format photograph) of your pet to volunteer@burlingtonhumane.ca by midnight on July 31st, 2022.
  • Complete a $20 submission fee to help the animals at Burlington Humane for each photo entry. Submit your fee using the form below.
  • Contest is limited to 1 photo entry per pet.
  • Calendars will be available for purchase fall 2022.
  • Please note: Should the spots available fill up prior to July 31st 2022, Burlington Humane will end the acceptance of entrants early.

Find out more here

Help Holly

Holly is a sweet dog at Burlington Humane, who is recovering from Heartworm and Lyme disease. She had an echocardiogram last week and things are looking good. However, she still has a long way to go. If you would like to contribute to Holly’s recovery, you can go to our GoFundMe page.






Banding Together to Ban Declawing

MPP Marit Stiles has introduced a bill in the Ontario Legislature to ban the practice of declawing cats. The Bill is called Teddy’s Law. The term declawing is misleading as the procedure amputates the entire lower third bone of the paw, resulting in pain, discomfort and lasting behavioural changes.

You can sign an online petition to stop declawing and add your support for Teddy’s Law. It is long past due to ban this harmful and unnecessary practice in Ontario

Sign the petition here.

Learn more about declawing here.




Burlington recommends Foxcroft Whistles to Scare away Coyotes

Coyotes - City of Burlington

Kearns teams up with the Foxcroft people – whistles intended to scare away the animals



Big Dog Blues by Kathryn Recourt

Winner of Canada Book Awards, some of the proceeds from this fun children’s book by author Kathryn Recourt go to support Burlington Humane Society! Go to the website to learn more about this book!

“Big Dog Blues is the first story in a series about Sir Archibald Droolsalot – Archie to his friends – Archie really does drool a Lot!

In this first book is Archie’s best friend, Bricky the bulldog, being bullied by the Doberman brothers?

Can Archie protect his friend and help the brothers understand that being friends is a much better way?”

COVID-19 and your Pet

Click on the picture to watch information about COVID-19 and your pet.

 COVID-19 Preparedness

Keep at least a two-week supply of pet food and water for your pets, as well as any medication they may need and a travel crate properly labeled with your pet’s name and your contact information.

Identify trusted family or friends who can care for your pets: Have at least three options lined up in case they become sick or hospitalized. Ensure you have spoken with these individuals before you consider them as an option.

Include your name and contact information, your pet’s feeding schedule, any medical conditions and treatment instructions. Document your pet’s vaccination status, and list the contact information for your veterinarian.

Fill out your Pet Information Sheet.


New Adoption Procedures

 If you are interested in Adopting, you can call Burlington Humane  to schedule an appointment to come into the shelter to complete an adoption application and talk with our Adoption Counsellors..  Please call 905-637-7325 or send an email to adoptions@burlingtonhumane.ca.  Although it is not required, you may want to bring a copy of your current or previous pet’s veterinary records.   

After your interview with the Adoption Counsellors, if they feel you are able to move forward in the process, they will take you in to meet our animals.  We ask that all members of the family come together to your appointment, and if you have a pet carrier (for a cat) or leash (for a dog), please bring that along as well. All applicants must be fully vaccinated (Children between the ages of 5-11 must have had at least their first shot) to enter Burlington Humane.

Check List

  • Contact Burlington Humane to schedule an appointment to come into the shelter and fill in an adoption application and talk with our Adoption Counsellor.
  • Although it is not required, you may want to bring a copy of your current or previous pet’s veterinary records.   
  • If you are intending to adopt a cat,  have a Pet Carrier or a leash if you are intending to adopt a dog.
  • All members of the family are attending
  • Have Proof of vaccination and ID. Children between the ages of 5-11 must have had at least their first shot to enter Burlington Humane.


** If you are interested in a cat, please check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages featuring videos of available cats for more information on each cat’s personality and needs.  When you have an appointment, please come with two or three cats in mind to meet, in the event that you are able to move forward in the process and meet with our animals.  You can then meet those specific cats so you can make your own judgement on their personalities. Please also continually check the website before your appointment to ensure the cat you want to meet is still available for adoption. **

You can keep track of animals available for adoption on our YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  Thank you for your understanding.


View our Dogs Available for Adoption.

View our Cats Available for Adoption.  

Adoption Fees


Thank you for choosing to adopt.  Due to a shortage of dogs and puppies available for adoption, there is a rise the number of puppy mills, particularly overseas.  Learn more about this disturbing development from Humane Canada hereBurlington Humane Society is a proud member of Humane Canada, the federation of humane societies and SPCAs. 


Please note that all animals available for adoption are listed on our website.



You can make a purchase from Burilngton Humane’s Wishlist and have them delivered directly to BHS.  During checkout, enter our address as the delivery location: 740 Griffith Court, Burlington, ON, L7L 5R9.  This is great for our hard to find items and things that we would love to have in general for the shelter.  We appreciate every item purchased and donated!

Click Here to go directly to Burlington Humane’s Wishlist on Amazon.ca