Our Beginnings

Our Beginnings

Formed by members of the community in 1974, the Burlington Humane Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Burlington’s stray and abandoned animals. In 1980, The Society for Animal Aid (Burlington) Incorporated was registered as the official name. That name was changed in 2006 to Burlington Humane Society to better represent our role in the community.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each and every animal coming into our care deserves a better life, and has the right to a safe and loving home. The Burlington Humane Society is proud of its no-kill policy. An animal is euthanized only in cases of extreme illness or severe behavioural problems, and then only on the advice of a veterinarian or qualified animal behaviourist/certified trainer. BHS’s existence makes Burlington a more humane place for the animals.

Our Adoption Policy

All stray and abandoned animals brought to the Burlington Humane Society are first taken to a veterinarian where they are examined and protected from harm while waiting for 72 hours to be claimed by their owner. If emergency medical care is required before the 72 waiting period is up we will proceed as recommended by a veterinarian.  If not claimed, they are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped and given any other necessary health care. Animals are then taken to our Adoption Centre where each animal is cared for lovingly until that new home is found. BHS cares for hundreds of cats and dogs each year.

Our Community Work

Since 1984, an active Pet Therapy Program has served our community with weekly visits to local facilities including retirement homes, nursing homes, hospice and other residence homes. Our volunteers take their own pets to visit those who are no longer able to have their own animals, so that they may still enjoy the warmth and affection only a four-legged friend can provide.

Our Outreach Program

Teaching responsible pet ownership and animal behaviour is the goal of our education program. Volunteers and their pets visit schools and community groups with presentations on safety, respect, care and compassion toward animals.