About BHS – Mission, Vision




The Burlington Humane Society is a registered charity which operates on the generosity of donations from the public.  We are dedicated to helping stray and abandoned animals in Burlington.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life and welfare for animals in our community, to provide a safe haven while we find forever homes for the cats and dogs in our care, and to make Burlington a more humane city for all animals.


Our vision is to sustain our reputation as being a premier no-kill humane society in Ontario.  We strive to continually improve our protocols and practices in order to ensure exemplary care for our residents and to act ethically and in the best interests of both animals and potential adopters.

Burlington Humane Society’s Ultimate Goal:

To live in a city where there are no abandoned, unwanted, neglected or abused animals, and where every owner understands the level of commitment and responsibility that pet ownership entails.