Carole McArthur

Carole joined Burlington Humane over 25 years ago, during this time she has worked as an adoption counselor for 3 years, served 4 years as President of the Board, spent several years as Bingo Director, and is currently Attic/Loft Liaison Director.  The regular tasks of the Attic/Loft Liaison Director include ensuring all store volunteers have a voice on the board and are aware of BHS events and policies and overseeing management of The Loft and Attic. She also assists with many fundraising events and activities.

“Burlington Humane has a very good group of Directors that work well together towards their common goal- the welfare of the animals.  With Jolene Regan’s continued leadership, I feel Burlington Humane is moving forward in the right direction.  I do hope you will re-elect me to the Board of Directors.”