Pooch Parenting

Pooch Parenting offers convenient online classes, dog training and behaviour consult to make living with kids and dogs of all ages easier, safer & less stressful.



Training and management tips to make your family life easier.

Understand your dog better and keep everyone safe.

Fun Activities for the whole family, dog included!

Live Q&As, 1-on-1 coaching, member’s only content library and Facebook community.


Online courses include:

Kid and Dog Relationships:  https://burlington–poochparenting.thrivecart.com/kid-dog-relationships/

Your First Week with Dog and Baby:  https://burlington–poochparenting.thrivecart.com/first-week-home-baby-dog/

Parenting Toddlers and Dogs:  https://burlington–poochparenting.thrivecart.com/parenting-toddlers-and-dogs/

Preparing Dog for New Baby:  https://burlington–poochparenting.thrivecart.com/preparing-dog-for-new-baby/

Pooch Parenting Society membership:  https://burlington–poochparenting.thrivecart.com/pooch-parenting-society/

Support Burlington Humane by enrolling in their courses. A percentage of the purchase price will be donated to us.