Look at me playing! It’s taken me a while to get to this point because I was busy fending for myself as a stray, then taking care of my sweet little babies, and then finally having time to learn to be me 🙂

It’s been a challenge, I won’t deny that, but I’m starting to see that people can be wonderful, loving and trustworthy! I spend my days hanging around my foster parents, enjoying their love and affection. Although I love my sleep, I always wake up to look for pats and scratches! I would thrive in a quiet home with people who understand that I’ll need time to settle in. I really feel that after all I’ve been through, I really deserve a chance….would you agree? Sure, there are kittens at the shelter but if you’re looking for a sweet, gentle soul (who won’t turn your world upside down!), then I’m the one for you. Cat TV is my faavorite thing! I love dashing between the big windows at home and behind the patio door to look at the wildlife, from the comfort inside my home. Would you be willing to give me an opportunity to become your heart-pet?