About This Project

Tuxedo’s make everyone look good…I mean, look at me! Can’t you just tell? I’m very special, so special in fact that you just have to meet me to appreciate me. Do you have a quiet home? Do you have patience? Are you able to give me the healthiest possible lifestyle so that I stay with you for a long time? I’ll need some time to settle in. Having a cat friend would be awesome too!

I’ll be able to give you so much love in return for what you can give to me; you’ll wonder how you ever managed without me in your life!

Now, here’s the kicker….I have a compromised immune system so staying healthy is really important. If you keep me healthy, take me to the vet regularly, I’ll be with you until I’m old and gray (ok, not really, I’ll always be a tuxedo but work with me on this, ok?)