The Benjamin Project

The Benjamin Project.

Contact The Benjamin Project founder, Malcolm Bernstein at or call 416-587-8590



The Benjamin Project is a not for profit initiative in memory of Malcolm’s dog , Benjamin, as a legacy to him.  Malcolm has written several books about Benjamin and the Benjamin project teaches children about responsible pet ownership and broader animal stewardship.  The sales from Malcolm’s books and lectures help raise money for animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue organizations; including Burlington Humane.


Benjamin Project Scholarship

The Benjamin Project Scholarship is the only one of it’s kind, where winners will be awarded money towards future education (ideally it will inspire a child to pursue post-secondary studies one day in some aspect of animal welfare). They will also experience a special one on one tour of Burlington Humane, meeting the animals there, and having the opportunity to attend a 10 week kids club session at no cost (if age appropriate)



Imagine a world where all children could experience the joy of nurturing a pet and learning about the compassion and intelligence which pets possess.

A world where there is no more abuse, and companion animals are protected by legislation as sentient beings and not as property.

Where every young person’s voice is heard when it comes to advocating for responsible pet stewardship.

Where the need for shelters, rescues, and animal welfare organizations becomes obsolete because every animal has a home.

All it takes is ONE generation to create such a world.

Malcolm’s new book; “ Animals and our Emotional Wellbeing” is available now from Malcolm or the publisher;  Lisa Browning for $20.00.  All net proceeds over the $10  print cost donated to Burlington Humane.