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Burlington Humane Society » *Empress Whiskers*
Date:April 20, 2021

*Empress Whiskers*

Could you be the one? The one who will love and protect me furever? The one who will accept me just the way I am? I’m a very special girl who needs just the right person. My story? Wow, I’m so flattered that you’re interested! Ok…here goes.

I was found wondering the street; a nice person brought me to a vet clinic where they learned that I was pregnant. I didn’t have much experience with people being nice so I was pretty untrusting at first but they were gentle with me and arranged for Burlington Humane to find a foster home for me to live in so that my babies could be born and raised in a safe and healthy environment. The foster gave me several nice spots to curl up in, lots of delicious food and spoke to me in the kindest voice. Still, for the first few days, I wouldn’t eat and hid. My foster understood and gave me space and encouraged me to come out when I was ready.

I gave birth to healthy kittens and watching them explore showed me I was safe here. I slowly came out from hiding little by little and showed my loving personality. My kittens grew and no longer needed me and soon found their own furever homes – what more could a mother ask for? I was hoping it would be my turn soon. It was but it turned out that it wasn’t a furever home, it just didn’t work out. I was so confused and sad, what had I done wrong? Nothing; it just happens to be that I have asthma and I need medication for it. It’s really pretty simple, if I had thumbs I could do it myself! Alas, that’s where you’ll come in, to help me 🙂

Since my arrival back at the shelter I have settled in. Sometimes loud sounds or too much chaos makes me feel unsure, so I find a quiet place to lay for a while. I enjoy head pets, being called a “good girl”, and watching new people go about their day. I’m hoping to find a friend to continue to show me that I can be truly loved, asthma and all. I really am a sweet soul. Would you consider making space in your heart for me?

To apply to adopt from us, please complete our online application at this link: https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/BHUM/Cat

For more information about our adoption process and adoption fees, please visit our website at: https://burlingtonhumane.ca/