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Burlington Humane Society » *Ocean & Rosa*
Date:February 09, 2021

*Ocean & Rosa*

Ocean is about five years old now and Rosa is three. They are a precious Mom and Daughter pair. Ocean is a quiet girl who loves loves loves her cat tree and to watch the world and birds, she loves to scratch her post and snuggle in her favorite chair. She is much more social now and spends most of her time in the living room in her chair or most recently on the sofa with her Foster Mom. She enjoys a gentle back scratch, doesn’t like/tolerate picking up, but always happy to see her Foster Mom and wait for her treat or a head scratch. She is affectionate to a point, rubs against her Foster Mom’s leg or whilst she is sitting, she will nudge her Foster Mom’s back or arm for attention. She likely won’t ever be a lap cat bu

t happy to sit with someone she can trust. She has started playing more and is no longer afraid of toys, she is still the more sedate of the two. She is a cuddler with Rosa and they are so in love with each other.
Rosa has come soooo far, she now lets her foster Mom pick her up and give her a snuggle and kisses, she does not attempt to run away or use her claws while she is held , she is a sweetie. Rosa is a piglet who loves to eat and is easily bribed with a snack, she greets me each morning with a chatty little story and a cuddle. Rosa is wild about toys, she loves to play and spends a good part of the day watching the world outside from her cat tree. A cat tree is a must for these two girls, they get sooo much enjoyment from it. They are much better with loud noises, one can vacuum without any real issue, they just move but not terrified like before. They pay no attention to the other cats in the Foster home really, they have come to accept them, but probably best to still go to a home without dogs and if there is another cat, it must be a docile cat. Rosa plays with Peanut a cat at the Foster home, they chase each other, but mostly Rosa plays with her Mom. They don’t like change but would adjust to a home environment after a few weeks. They just need to feel safe and secure and little things like a quiet room until settled would be a must, a cat tree is a must and a quiet home without kids, as well as someone who will be patient and let them settle and adjust on their own terms. Ideally a single person or couple, they are nervous when the Foster Mom’s daughter visits but after a couple days they are fine with her. They have come so far and if you saw them in their Foster home you would never know they were feral at one time, they are so happy at the Foster Home and we know that with the right person they would be fine after an adjustment. As always doors and windows need to be watched for these girls. Because of their shy nature with strangers, we will be doing a no contact adoption, however their foster can facilitate a video meet and greet. If interested, please fill in an application to find out more!

To apply to adopt from us, please complete our online application at this link: https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/BHUM/Cat

For more information about our adoption process and adoption fees, please visit our website at: https://burlingtonhumane.ca/